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Choose your preferred massage type or let us create the perfect combination for your specific needs. Whether it is relief from stress or injury, to improve athletic performance or you just want to relax! 

25 Min - $65  50 Min - $115                                                  75 Min - $160   80 Min - $170


Hawaiian Lomi Lomi
Traditional massage of Hawaii that flows like the beautiful Hula. Lomi Lomi nurtures, soothes and relaxes the body.


Ancient Japanese style focuses on pressure points and re-balancing.


Traditional massage relieves muscular tension and improves circulation.


Therapeutic massage helps to prevent injury, promote faster healing, and improve range of motion for better athletic performance.


Foot or hand massage relaxes and rejuvenates the entire body.


Myofascial Release
Recognized by insurance companies in treating injuries including repetitive motion and whiplash.


Add-On to any Massage:
Deep Tissue $15 for 50 Minutes / $20 for 75 or 80 Minutes *
Therapeutic $15 for 50 Minutes / $20 for 75 or 80 Minutes *

Pregnancy  $15 for 50 Minutes / $20 for 75 or 80 Minutes*


Coconut Sugar Scrub *
Organic Coconut Oil & Organic Coconut Sugar massaged on the hands & feet soften rough dry skin. Absolutely delicious! $35


Hot Pohaku *
Hot stones with any massage melts inflammation and takes you to another dimension. Welcome to Maui! $30


Rosemary Scalp Treatment *
Combined with peppermint oil & vigorous massage, it stimulates mental clarity and  hair growth. $15

*Must accompany another service



* Must accompany another service.

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